What is Help Me Help Them?

It’s an online portal which allows Curate people to present their community project ideas (ie. a school breakfast club, making over an elderly person’s property, etc), then gather “crowd-funding” (people pledge volunteer time rather than finances) - and then once their target is reached, finances are released for the project to go ahead. 

If you don't have your own community project idea, you can browse through those of others, and pledge your time to help make the project a reality.

Our heart is to empower Curate people to follow their passions and serve our community!

What is Curate?

Curate Church exists to help release people’s potential in Jesus, and one way we can do that is through acts of kindness which show people we believe in them. Beyond Us is our community ministry which seeks to do just that – going beyond our walls to help release people’s potential in Jesus. Help Me Help Them is run by Beyond Us.

“Curate” means to care for the soul; we do this by creating communities where people can belong, believe, become and build. We believe in passionate spirituality, people first, keeping it real, extravagant generosity, and taking risks.

For more info, head over to curatechurch.com


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