Carpet Upcycle

Aim: To source good quality second hand carpet and provide it to families who can’t afford it. Not only helping these families stay warm and comfortable, but also showing them we care and believe in them… not to mention preventing tons of carpet from going to landfill!

Project Leader: Kate Nikolov

Date: Spring 2018 - Spring 2019

How it will work: We will establish partnerships with several local flooring companies, then once a month we collect the carpets and put them in storage. Alongside this we will find families in need of warm carpet, find the right carpet for them based on measurements and requirements, and help them book a carpet-layer (potentially at a discounted rate).

Volunteers Needed:
+  2 people to transport the carpets from flooring companies to storage (approx 3 hours per month)
+  2 people to find and liaise with families needing carpet (time varies)
+  2 people to establish partnerships with flooring companies and carpet layers (time varies)

Once our volunteer target is met, the funding needed is:
$2,000 for storage and van hireage.

How we're tracking...

This section will be updated to show how we are tracking with volunteer pledges as we progress. Once the target is reached, the plan will be reviewed and funding will be released for the project to go ahead.

Pledge your time to help make this project a reality:

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Thank you so much for your support! We will be in touch shortly...


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