Free Hair Cuts

Aim: To provide hair cuts for people who are cared for by Under the Stars or Age Concern, making them feel valued and appreciated. This helps those who are homeless find confidence in themselves and their appearance, as they go about looking for work and accommodation. For the elderly, it helps them feel good about themselves and they can enjoy the company of having someone visit and chat with them while they get their hair cut.

Project Leader: Penny Rimer

Date: Spring 2018 - Spring 2019

How it will work: Each hair dresser will be rostered once or twice a month to give hair cuts at Under the Stars nights or in the homes of elderly people.

Volunteers Needed:
+  4x experienced hair dressers (approx 4 hours per month)
+  2x people who can help build partnerships and liaise with these and other local charities.

Once our volunteer target is met, the funding needed is:
$600 for 4x hair dressing tool kits.

How we're tracking...

This section will be updated to show how we are tracking with volunteer pledges as we progress. Once the target is reached, the plan will be reviewed and funding will be released for the project to go ahead.

Pledge your time to help make this project a reality:

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Thank you so much for your support! We will be in touch shortly...


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