Love in Action Men's Crew

Aim: A bunch of guys serving like Jesus, through practical hands-on work (such as landscaping, property care, painting, etc), for those who are struggling and in need of some help and hope. As the guys work together for a bigger purpose, they also encourage and sharpen each other through the bonds of dirt and sweat.

Project Leader: Aaron Wright

Date: September 2018 - March 2019

How it will work: We will find opportunities to serve those in need in our community, then make contact to visit and discuss requirements. Next, our team of guys will make a plan of specific tasks to be done and equipment required for the job. Then once a fortnight we will meet on site after work for 3 or so hours to complete the work.

Volunteers Needed:
+  8x people with some practical experience (approx 3 hours per fortnight)

Once our volunteer target is met, the funding needed is:
$1,000 for landscaping and building supplies, rubbish removal, etc.

How we're tracking...

This section will be updated to show how we are tracking with volunteer pledges as we progress. Once the target is reached, the plan will be reviewed and funding will be released for the project to go ahead.

Pledge your time to help make this project a reality:

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Thank you so much for your support! We will be in touch shortly...


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